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What's In The Box

A Supernatural Fan Fiction Community

Supernatural Fan Fiction Challenge Community
Los Angeles
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Supernatural Fan Fiction Challenge Community

This is a Supernatural (c) Fan Fiction Challenge Community.

The rules are simple:

1) Only fan fiction relating to Supernatural and their stars are allowed. That means any combination of them. ANY combination. Yes that includes slash and wincest.

2) Because there may be stories here of a sexual, violent or otherwise explicit nature, I must ask that only members over the age of 18 join the community. I apologize for the inconvenience, but this is to protect everyone, especially this comm, and the mods.


4) This comm is for fic challenges and prompts. I will periodically open it up to have free fic days where you can post whatever your little hearts desire. But I would like to keep it as a challenge comm!

5) There may be prizes! YES! Since they are challenges, there could be prizes...drabbles, graphics, and what not but I will have to beg friends for such things!

6) HAVE FUN! (Wait....didn't I say that already?)

That's it for now, I may change the rules and add or subtract from them as time goes by but for now...that's all she wrote.

If you have any ideas for prompts or challenges, please e-mail me!

Special thanks to noiselessmind for the awesome graphics and icon and such! Thank you so much doll!!

Special thanks to my girl stanleynickels for the gorgeous layout!!! Dude, you rock.